Starting Sixth Form

Start of Term - 2024-25

Year 12 and Year 13 Start of Term Arrangements

Sxith form bridging work for our new year 12 students can be found at the bottom of this page. Students will be required to hand in their completed bridging work to their teacher during their first lesson.

Monday 2nd September - INSET

Tuesday 3rd September - INSET

Wednesday 4th September - Teacher, student, parent day (TSP)

Thursday 5th September: Start of term

Year 12 

8.40 -9.00 - Registration in sixth form (sign in and collect lanyards)

9.00-9.50 - Aspirations and Careers Workshop in tutor groups

10.05 -10.25 - Welcome Assembly (Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form )


Year 13

9.10 - 9.20 - Registration in sixth form (sign in)

9.20 -9.50 - Careers and Reflections workshop in tutor groups

10.05 -10.25 - Welcome Assembly (Head and Deputy Head of Sixth Form)

Students will collect their timetables in their tutor session and will recieve further information about the week ahead.

Friday 6th September - normal day of lessons

Welcome to the Year 11 transition area of our website. Here you will find all of the summer assignments we are asking sixth form applicants to complete. You should do only those assignments for the courses you intend to study next year. This should be 3 or 4 subjects for all applicants. There are two tasks for each subject and details can be found for each on the subject guidance documents. The deadline dates for each will be the first lesson back after the summer holidays in September.

You will also find on this page a range of other resources including information on the exams process this year, careers information, useful links and academic resources that will help to prepare you for the next stage of your education. This is available to all Year 11 students, whether you intend to study at NOA Sixth Form or have secured a place elsewhere.

Year 12 Parent Induction

Sixth Form Induction Day

Career Guidance

Furture Learn: Explore Filmmaking 

This 6 week course (approx 3 hours per week) will explore how films go from script to screen, looking at writing, directing, composing, editing and cinematography. It will be delivered by award-winning filmmakers, using examples of their own work as well as films that have inspired them.

Step Into The NHS: Take the test

Career Mapper is a part of the 'Step Into The NHS' project that aims to stimulate awareness amongst 14 -19 year olds of the huge range of opportunities available within the NHS. Take the quiz to find out what jobs in the NHS might suit you.


For anyone at all interested in apprenticeships either now or going to college or sixth form first then doing an apprenticeship - please see the interactive guide on the link above.


Tasks for you to do to start thinking about University.

Apprenticeship Tasks

Local Oxfordshire Apprenticeships

Ever wanted to see 90+ universities all in one go?  You now can, thanks to UK University search.  All you need to do is sign up for the Virtual University Fair - please register on the appropriate link below - and then on 17th June, make sure you follow the link they will provide.  You will then be able to 'attend' the live webinars, 'visit' the key universities that are of interest to you and chat to any them if you want to too.

The fair now features over 95 universities, colleges and training providers, including Cambridge, Warwick, Reading, Liverpool, Cardiff and the RAF. For more information about our Virtual Fair click here. And for year 12, there is also the new Webinar Wednesdays which will cover topics such as Personal Statements.

Bridging Work