Extra Curricular

North Oxfordshire Academy Enrichment

Enrichment is a very important part of the NOA experience, ensuring students have the opportunity to develop new skills, talents and character outside their formal learning environment. We offer a wealth of clubs including music, drama, sports, leadership, cookery and animal care. The calendar changes termly so please visit the page again to see the latest one.

Our sixth formers are involved in the leading of clubs such as mentoring providing them with fantastic leadership opportunities.

Regular attendance to clubs and activities is necessary for student development both academically as well as emotionally and socially.  Please ensure that if your child has chosen to attend a club that they attend regularly. Their clubs will be available to view on their timetable on Arbor. If they are unable to attend for a week, they should notify the staff member in charge so they will be aware of their absence. You will receive a text home if your child has not attended their regular club.

School Trips

New processĀ 

Please be advised that we are making a concerted effort to streamline and simplify the process for school trips. Requests for consent are now being sent electronically via Arbor. Not only will this help to reduce our carbon footprint, it should also make it easier and quicker for parents to authorise their child’s participation. Paper consent forms will no longer be required.  

If your child is invited to attend a school trip, you will receive an email to advise of a pending consent request. In order to access and consent to this request, all you’ll need to do is log in to your Arbor profile (your username is your email address and there are options of resetting your password available, if required). The notification of the consent request should appear as an alert at the top of your profile, and you should find all of the relevant details of the trip attached to the consent request.  

If you experience any difficulty with consenting to your child’s trip, or if you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at trips@northoxfordshire-academy.org