Sport and Fitness Academy

NOA offers a variety of Sport and fitness programmes which are designed to run alongside the study of other subjects. The BTEC (Edexcel) Subsidiary Diploma in Sport is also available as part of the Career Zone. 

Football Elite

The programme gives students the opportunity to continue their academic or vocational education whilst continuing their pursuit of a career in football. Students will receive three sessions of training or mentoring each week which will focus on all aspects of the game including fitness, skills development, decision making and nutrition. 

Additionally The Elite First Team will play competitive matches on a Wednesday afternoon in the form of National Cup and County League games or friendly fixtures against other academy teams. There are similar programmes linked to other clubs like Oxford United but these generally only allow students to follow a limited vocational pathway alongside their football training.  

At NOA the course is designed to allow students to combine the study of football with that of other academic or vocational subjects including A levels.  

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