Curriculum Intent: ICT

The aim of our ICT curriculum is to teach students essential computer skills, which they can then apply to other subjects and projects across the KS3 and KS4 curriculum.

Our curriculum is delivered through project-based learning with students applying their knowledge and understanding of software and hardware in lessons through client briefs. The curriculum develops students’ understanding of computer based functions and moves through to provide opportunities for them to create digital media products through ICT (magazines, leaflets etc.). The curriculum is mapped to align with the GCSE Film and A Level Media courses at KS4/5 with film and print media being explored, analysed and produced by the students through ICT. Our curriculum aims to inspire students to use ICT creatively and apply their understanding to projects.

The KS3 curriculum, with one lesson over two weeks in year 8 and 9, is split into themes. In Year 7, students will design their own theme park, using Microsoft packages and other desktop programmes (Outlook etc.) to plan and design their theme park. Students will apply their knowledge of Excel to create budgets, write and format letters to the local council through Microsoft Word and compose emails to property developers; work will be evidenced in their online portfolio. The marketing materials for their theme park will be evidenced online and, in their books, with students developing their skills in analysis and their understanding of codes and conventions of print and online advertising.

As students move into Year 8, they will start to explore the more technical elements of desktop publishing through the lens of print magazines. Students will spend time analysing codes and conventions of magazines, using Media terminology in their written analysis. Students will create workflows from pre-production documents through to the production stage of set assignments. Assignments will challenge students’ ICT skills and their creativity, with briefs setting out to develop their functional ICT skills. Project based learning will incorporate real contexts and will give students experience in working with software packages such as Microsoft Office and Adobe suites.

The course will allow for students to become proficient in using ICT systems which will support their learning in and outside of the classroom. Those who are interested in studying ICT at KS4 will have a grounding for this, as for those who wish to move into media or other creative design subjects.