'Geography is not only up-to-date and relevant, it is one of the most exciting, adventurous and valuable subjects to study today. So many of the world's current problems boil down to geography, and need the geographers of the future to help us understand them'

- Michael Palin -

Geography at NOA

At NOA, we love teaching students geography and we see it as a subject of mighty importance which can unlock understanding of the wider world.

We believe that now, more than ever, is an important time to learn about geography, and we are passionate advocates of the subject

We aim to improve students’ understanding of their wider world: students will gain an appreciation for the ways in which values, attitudes and circumstances have an impact on the interrelationships between people, place and the environment. Thus, students will gain a better sense of their increasingly complex world. We work to inspire a curiosity in students with both their local context and wider world so that students can aspire to be ‘local’ and ‘global’ citizens. We give students experience of enquiry with the view to develop inquisitive geographers who notice and ask questions of their own personal geographies. Exceptional NOA geographers will become excellent at synthesising complex ideas, thinking critically, and making informed decisions. Finally, we aim to develop in students an appreciation of the implications and vast opportunities presented by the subject as a discipline.

The curriculum is based on a thematic approach, which gives students the knowledge and understanding in key areas of the subject, which can then be applied to specific case studies and regions. In short, students will explore a combination of the more traditional elements of the subject, along with some very contemporary units that will help them to make sense of their increasingly complex world.