Year 11 Mantra "Be selfish for my grade"

Year 11 Mantra "Be selfish for my grade"

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Year 11

The countdown is on ...

Term 4 message

Your March mock examinations are your ‘second race’ of the year.

It is the last point before your summer GCSE exams, that we can understand what level you are currently working at – this will be a measurement of the extremely impressive hard work you have been completing this academic year.

Your March mocks will be used to inform predictions (which will be what 6th forms will want to know for your admissions), for any final set changes and allow you to see your progress.

To prepare for your mocks, you should ensure that you have access to the following things:

  • Any revision booklets that your subject teacher gives to you.
  • Your ‘Y11 Revision Guidance’ booklet.
  • Your class folders (if your teacher allows you to take it).
  • Seneca/ Method Maths logins.
  • Homework booklets.


It is important that you are revision correctly and smartly – this means planning your revision schedule and keeping to it, rather than revising at the last minute.


You should see your learning as follows:  

  • Classwork = the exam paper skills/ addressing any misconceptions.
  • Self-quizzing = the foundational knowledge for every exam unit (this can be used as a revision technique).
  • Subject homework = Helping you to recall skills from previous units and all skills.
  • Revision = Ensuring you are exam ready.

Those who will achieve higher grades will complete all four waves of classwork, self-quizzing, subject homework and revision.

I hope that Parents/Carers had the opportunity to speak with teachers during Parents’ Evening this week – it is a crucial feedback point, which connects Parents/Carers with teachers and students, to better understand what went well over this first term and what students need to do to improve further. If you have not had the opportunity to discuss progress with teachers and would like to, please contact:  and I will facilitate this for you.

Key Dates

26/02 Mock 2 Starts

12/03 Y11 Motivation Assembly (18.30-19.30)

15/03 Mock 2 Ends

20/03 Career Festival Trip (Invite only)

26/03 GCSE Parent event launch & Mock 2 Results (18.00-19.00)

26/03 Controlled assessment Deadline

22/04 Component 2 Exam – Drama students only

02/05 Careers Fair

06/05 GCSE Start Date

Upcoming Exam Timetable

Year 11 Summer 2024 Exam Timetable

Year 11 How to revise resources

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