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Up Learn - Revision Tool

What is Up Learn and why do we use it here at NOA?

Up Learn is a fantastic tool which supports students' learning in their A Level subjects (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Maths, and Psychology). The tool is an application tool which is based on the science of learning; students revise content through videos and then assess their understanding through exam questions. Students gain XP scores for their efforts and engagement can be tracked by teachers and sixth form staff.


The tool provides the following:
Comprehensive course structure – the whole A Level course broken down into
individual sections.
In-depth exam preparation – there are whole sections dedicated to helping students
master their exams. This also includes exam technique, walk-throughs and exclusive
examiner-written papers from the exam boards relevant to the above subjects here at
AI adaptive algorithms – these algorithms identify students strengths and weaknesses,
testing them repeatedly until they score 100% through improved recall
Student tracking tools – students (and teachers) have access to an online dashboard,
which demonstrates their progress
24/7 live chat support – subject specialists are available 24/7 to answer any student

The course guarantees students an A or A* in their examination – providing
students have completed the course (150 hours)

Students will be set a minimum of 2 hours per week by their subject teachers which they must complete during their unsupervised or supervised study periods. Students who are aiming for the A*-A grades should be completing 4 hours per week.