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Our Sixth Form offers a range of facilities to support students with their learning as well as their social experience during their studies.

Study Area / Common Space

The study area is located in the heart of the Sixth Form. Here, students work during their allocated study area with unlimited use of the computers which are also situated in another learning space. Students are often found revising, completing studies or socialising in the common space area. Recently, vending machines have been introduced which include snacks, hot drinks and fresh sandwiches and these are exclusive for sixth form students only.


The UCAS room offers students a space to look at prospectuses for potential universities alongside a quiet area for revision. There are also course handbooks in the mini library which support students in their studies.

MAC Centre

For those students who study creative subjects and need to use design programmes (Adobe Premiere Pro, Photoshop etc.), the MAC centre and music rooms provide students with iMacs, which are available during school hours. All iMacs are updated with the latest version of Adobe Creative Suite and allow students to complete coursework during study periods or after school.

Youth Work Space

We understand sometimes students might want to relax outside of their study/common space, so we provide them with the youth work space, which is a designated building that boasts a pool table and a mini kitchen. Students can play music and relax with friends during lunch times.