Physical Education at NOA

In Physical Education, our vision is to promote a lifelong passion and enjoyment of sport and physical activity through an engaging curriculum and supportive environment.

All students are encouraged to be confident and competent learners so they can achieve their personal best and engage in a healthy active lifestyle in school and beyond. Students will build character alongside their physical skills helping them to become responsible members of the community.   

We provide a knowledge-rich curriculum that develops pupils physical, mental, and social health, and ensures that being active forms a part of their life-long identity. Our curriculum is driven by three themes: performance, leadership, and health. These themes form a framework which is designed to progressively improve pupil’s knowledge, skill and understanding whilst building their character and leadership skills and providing opportunities to show their creative flair.  

The PE curriculum allows pupils to develop the confidence to excel in a broad range of physical activities through PE, school sport and physical activity. In addition to the national curriculum, our curriculum seeks to build aspects of students’ character including resilience and empathy, as well as skills in leadership, decision making and problem solving.  

Through the curriculum, pupils become physically skilful young people with the knowledge and understanding in the areas of performance, leadership, and health.  These skills will develop year on year and will transfer to their academic life and endure into adulthood. Our provision is inclusive and seeks to develop character and the confidence to perform under pressure.  

We also aim to promote enjoyment and achievement through meaningful participation in physical activity through our extra-curricular programme, and to contribute to the whole school ethos by providing opportunities for students to experience and participate in department-organised events and trips.  

We hope that our students experience of Physical Education is positive and increases their self-confidence and ability to trust others.  


Knowledge Organisers for this subject and others can be found on the Useful Resources page here.