Lettings - Looking to hire our spaces?

Lettings - Looking to hire our spaces?

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Hire of North Oxfordshire Academy - 2022-23 Facilities Price List

Should you require Public liability insurance an additional 10% charge will be applicable. Any loss or damage of equipment used during hire may result in additional charges.


Sports Hall: Suitable for Sport parties, Basketball, Football, Netball, Badminton, Tennis and Athletics.

Sports Hall: £26.25 per hour.

*Use of the cricket nets will cost an additional £10 per hour, bringing the total cost to a £36.25 hourly rate.


Gym: Suitable for Aerobics, Personal Training, Gymnastics and Dance Classes. No Ball Games permitted.

Gym: £21.00 per hour.


Main Hall: suitable for corporate events, award ceremonies, dance shows/classes, children’s parties, reunions, fairs/fetes and film nights.

Main hall without seating: £21 per hour.

Main hall with seating: £26.25 per hour.


Theatre: Large seating for 160, suitable for award ceremonies, dance shows/classes and plays.

Theatre: £26.25 per hour.

Changing area/ Classroom: £10 during the course of the event planned for one classroom and an additional £5 for each extra room required.


Refectory: Suitable for Aerobics, Personal Training, Dance Classes as well as Conferences etc

Refectory: £21 per hour.


Outside areas: Suitable for Football, Netball, Rounder’s, Cricket, Tennis, Outdoor Events and Fetes.

Pitches 11x11: £23 per hour.

Pitches 9x9: £21 per hour.

Pitches 7x7: £18.25 per hour

Tennis/ Netball court: £21 per hour

Grass area for Fete/outside event: £18.25 per hour


Rooms: Suitable for conference meetings and performance changing areas.

Classroom for conference meetings and educational functions: £18.25 per hour

ICT Room: £26.25 per hour

Art Rooms: £26.25 per hour

Science Laboratory: £26.25

Music Rehearsal Room without equipment: £15.75 per hour

Music Rehearsal Room with use of drum kit: £21 per hour

Cookery Room/ Teaching Kitchen, suitable for cookery classes: £26.25 per hour


Additional Let Areas

Dance Studio: £15.75 per hour

Recording Studio *Technician available at an additional cost: £26.25 per hour

Library: £26.25 per hour

Canteen Seating Area: £21 per hour

Courtyard, suitable for tabletop sales, craft shows and fashion events: £21 per hour.

Car Park: £10.50 per hour.


Security fees

In the event of a large amount of spectators at the academy, security costs will be applicable.

Costs differentiate per event.