The aims of the AQA GCE in Biology are to enable students to develop their interest and enthusiasm for biology and appreciate how society makes decisions about biology-related issues and how biology can contribute to the success of the economy and society.

Students will study topic areas over the 2-year course including: biological molecules, cells, organism exchange and genetics.  The course is delivered through a mix of theory and practical lessons with students securing a practical element from the course.

Alongside in-depth knowledge of the biological world, biologists also develop skills and understanding of scientific methods, data analysis, observation, correlations and causal relationships.

As with the other sciences, the study of Biology also helps students to build up skills in research, problem solving, organisation and analytical skills. Given the group project work that occurs throughout the course, students also develop good teamwork and communication skills

For those looking to progress into the sciences and medicine beyond sixth form, Biology is a key A Level to combine with the other A Level science.