PSHCE and RSHE Curriculum

Curriculum Map


Term 1 

Term 2 

Term 3 

Term 4 

Term 5 

Term 6 

Transition and Healthy choices. Substance Awareness 1 

Vaping and Smoking 

Careers. Soft Skills and Broadening Horizons. 

Equality, Diversity and Stereotypes. 

Health and Wellbeing 

Mental Health and Feelings 

Personal and Digital Safety 1. 

Healthy Lifestyles. 

Healthy Choices. Substance Awareness 2 Alcohol and Drugs. 

Careers. Motivation and Unifrog. 

Mental Health and Coping Strategies. 

Healthy and Positive Relationships 

Online Safety 2. 


Equality and Diversity in the wider world. 

Emotional and Mental Health. 

Careers. Study Higher and Unifrog. 

Intimate Relationships. 

Relationships and Online Life 3.  

Keeping Safe, Substance Awareness 3 Drugs, Crime and the Law. 


Relationship choices and staying safe. 

Managing Money, gambling and online risk. 

Mental health, Stress and Anxiety. 

Careers. Transferable skills and CV writing. 

Keeping safe and substances Awareness 4 and risk. 

Understanding Relationships and Diversity  


Careers and Post 16 Choices. 

Substance Awareness 5. 

Impact of substance abuse. 

Equality and Protected Characteristics 

First Aid and Health. 

Finance for the Future. 

Environmental issues. 

Subject Intervention 

Subject Intervention 


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