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North Oxfordshire Academy Student Leadership Programme

Our mission is to be exceptional. Our values, to be ambitious, enthusiastic, creative, empowering, and united, constitute the framework of student voice and leadership opportunities. We believe that students should have the opportunity to participate actively in academy life by taking up roles and responsibilities throughout the academic year in order to contribute to whole school improvement. This is key to a deeper student engagement and enables our students to participate in the sort of leadership opportunities which prepare them for life in modern democratic Britain and a global society. A society where we value equal opportunities and one in which a variety of beliefs and opinions are heard. 

Current opportunities for students

Head Girl and Head Boy

Students in Year 12 can apply for the role of Head Girl or Head Boy. Senior prefects and staff then vote for their preferred students. They function as the highest representatives of the student body and also become Student Governors who present student issues to the Chair of Governors and the Principal.

More info: 6th form team, Mr Leyburn

College Leadership Team

This is a democratically elected body of students. Tutor groups vote for committee members within their classes. One person for each college in each year group is elected in the early summer college elections. College Captains sit on the College Leadership Team with the College Committee. This leadership team is the main forum for student voice and meets with the Head Girl/ Head Boy and Prefects once each term. It meets as a College Leadership Team every month with the support of an Assistant Principal. There is an elected chair and secretary with responsibility for producing an agenda and assigning a minute taker. The team will eventually have access to its own funds which it can use as it and the students see fit for the benefit of all students at the Academy.

More info: Ms Wilkinson

Prefects (senior and junior)

Year 12 and 10 students apply in Term 3-4 for the role of prefects. The applications will be discussed at SLT and Pastoral level and decisions made. Prefects, as well a sitting on the Student Leadership Team, have a range of responsibilities and duties and also support positive behaviour around the academy. They will need to be seen as positive role models in their everyday interactions at NOA.

More info:  PL Year 10, 6th form team and Mr Leyburn

Student Ambassadors

Student ambassadors are called upon during the year for parents’ evenings, open days, and to act as tour guides for visitors and will be given training to support them in this role. Their primary role is to act as good publicists for the Academy. All students are encouraged to become North Oxfordshire Academy ambassadors at some point in their education.

More info: Ms Wilkinson

Duke of Edinburgh programme

Students who are interested in a recognised leadership and skills course while demonstrating energy, self-discipline, commitment and a capacity for teamwork can apply for the Duke of Edinburgh programme.  Achieving an award will give students the skills, confidence and view on life that is highly sought after by employers, colleges and universities. Students can access the qualification after school on Thursdays.

More info: Mr Young

Student Receptionists

Year 7 students are used by the reception and designated staff to help deliver messages and do simple admin. tasks. They are required to sit at a student reception and are expected to represent the student body in a positive manner at all times as they are also the first ones to greet visitors.

More info: Ms Wilkinson and Mr Shakespeare

Student Librarians

This group of students is trained to support the library in all its work.  Roles include working in the library during break and lunch-times and after school. These students play an active part in all aspects of the library including learning to use the library computer system, issuing and receiving books, shelving and overseeing the computer area.

More info: Mrs Hopkin

Diversity ambassadors

These ambassadors promote the culture and beliefs of students of different faith, sexuality and ethnicity represented within the Academy. They will volunteer to work with the Chaplain to organise celebrations of religious festivals, to promote awareness of LGBTI groups and support spiritual reflection at NOA.

More info: Mrs Smith (the Chaplain)

Sports Captains

Students are chosen to work alongside the PE Department to lead enrichment activities and support PE staff at matches. In order to become a Sports Captain students need to have an interest in developing their leadership skills and be committed to making a positive difference to North Oxfordshire Academy through sport and physical activity.

More info: Mr North

Football Academy

Students in the Sixth Form can apply to become a Sports Leader and will follow the Level 2 Sports Leadership Award, a qualification that is recognised nationally by universities and employers.  As a Sport Leader, students will gain the knowledge and skills to be able to run enrichment activities in school and in the wider community that encourage young people to be healthy and active.

More info: Mr Brevett and Mr North

Peer ambassadors (Anti-Bullying)

These students will be chosen according to their ability to positively interact with peers in difficult situations. Their role will be publicised to all students and they will work in pairs to resolve difficulties amongst students. This group will receive mediation training in conflict resolution and will be used by the school in the first instance to resolve student disputes. They will organise activities for Anti-bullying week and promote Show Racism the Red Card (with the support of the Sports Captains). They will work with the Behaviour Panel, Welfare Managers and Pastoral Leaders.

More info: Mrs Dowden, Ms Ealey and Mr Davis

Peer Mentors

Peer mentors are taken from the 6th form Youth Work team to act as mentors and buddies to KS3 students or any vulnerable students identified by the school as needing a mentor. This group receives mentoring training and meets with their mentees during tutor time. This training is completed in school and accredited through a L3 Youth Work qualification.

More info: Mr Davis

Buddy readers

6th formers participate in the reading initiative. The older students volunteer and are then paired with a KS3 student to help them improve their literacy by listening to them read during tutor time.



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