Year 7 Homework Project 

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Year 7 History Homework Project Information 1 (PDF)

Year 7 History Homework Project Information 2 (PDF) 

History at North Oxfordshire Academy offers students the opportunity to explore human experience through the study of the past. Our students will understand the stories that we tell about ourselves – the development of our politics, our society and our culture. They will be able to take a local, national and global view of history, building an appreciation of how the communities we live in have developed over time. They will learn how to interpret and challenge these stories by closely assessing the evidence we have available. Like all good historians, they will recognise a suspect argument or thinly-supported assertion when they see one, and will be able to offer their own alternatives. Our students will also be able to plan their own historical enquiries, develop their imagination and empathy to gain deeper insights into the lives of others, and gain the skill to communicate all of this with clarity. We aim that NOA historians become informed sceptics, but never cynics; always curious, always questioning and always ready to find out more. 

Year 7

In Year 7 students are taught History for a term three times each year and the groups rotate with Geography. They have two lessons each week.Students are taught thematically across many periods of time. They start with Power and Conflict learning about William the Conqueror and the Feudal System, the second rotation focuses on Crime and Punishment from Roman times to the 20th Century. The final rotation is Empire and this stretches from Egyptian civilisations to current conflicts that have arisen as a result of the British Empire. Some students are taught Humanities as part of an integrated curriculum called Enquiring Minds. Please refer to their webpage for further details.

Year 8

In Year 8 the groups rotate with Geography and Religious Education (R.E.) and study History for two terms. They have two lessons per week.Year 8 students study the Industrial Revolution and British Civil War.

Year 9

In Year 9 students prepare for GCSE with a foundation year learning about World War I and II.

Key Stage 4

Exam Board AQA A
Qualification GCSE
Coursework 25%
Examination 75%
Possible Pathway from this Course A Level


Extra Curricular

History runs an after school catch-up club and homework support for all key stages. This is held on Wednesday in F12.There is also a ‘Get your Grade’ lesson during PEP each week which students are selected to attend.At Key Stage 4 students visit Oxford Castle to collect information for their coursework. There are other opportunities throughout the year for learning outside the classroom in History.

Ms. Louisa Wilkinson Learning Leader for History 
Mr. Matthew Fisher  Faculty Director

Ms. Michelle Wollard  Subject Leader  
Ms. Jo Bekhradnia  
Mrs. Genna Foster    
Ms. Hilary Grady    
Ms. Maria Martyn    
Ms. Kimberley Scott-Johnson    

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